Mindful Gratitude – Day 30 Nov 2018

Day 30: Do you remember a moment in your life when you felt really peaceful? How did that feel, other than peaceful? What were the conditions that allowed it to happen? Feel some gratitude for being able to feel peaceful, if not for almost every day, at least once!

Remember we can create peace inside us; and as that grows within us, we start to notice it out in the world also.


Side note: I am grateful for your willingness to embark on this gratitude journey with me this month!

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Mindful Gratitude – Day 29 Nov 2018

Day 29: Is there something you are not good at? Painting, dancing, speaking some foreign language? Give it a try today! And don’t forget to feel grateful for your ability to always learn new things.

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Mindful Gratitude – Day 28 Nov 2018

Day 28: Are you ready for a gratitude shower? As you take a shower today, notice the water on your body. Imagine this as a shower of gratitude, where the water is blessing each part of your body for how they help you function.


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