Mindful Gratitude – Day 17 Nov 2018

Day 17: When was the last time you played? It could have been a game, music, sports, etc. Do you remember how it made you feel? Have some gratitude for that opportunity. And maybe you make some room for play in your life today, however it shows up. Playing is very important, even for adults. It stimulates the mind, boosts creativity, makes us feel energetic, improves connection with others, and relieves stress.

I really enjoy playing and try to fit it in my life whenever I can! I play at least once a day with my dog, who spends most of her time nowadays inside an apartment, so I feel for her, and make sure she gets at least one playful interaction with me. I play with friends – sometimes we go out for dinner or some outing, and I bring cards or play charades with them (even in restaurants!).

I also play when I teach kids yoga in schools or privately – there is the teaching part with breathing techniques, poses, inspiring words helping develop some character strength, but also I make sure to have a yoga game within the class. Sometimes these kids come to class after school all serious, having had no chance to play their whole day! Some don’t even get recess anymore… And so I get them in a more playful mood and class just flows! We lose track of time! I usually have an alarm telling me class is about to end, so I can make time to wrap it up, including some final relaxation, another important part of class.

I feel lucky that I have chosen activities (as in also jobs) in my life where play is part of it. I feel grateful for regular play in my life!

Here is a link to an article about adults also needing play time, just in case you need more convincing!  https://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2014/08/06/336360521/play-doesnt-end-with-childhood-why-adults-need-recess-too


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Mindful Gratitude – Day 16 Nov 2018

Day 16: What do you love most about your life currently? Why?

Take a few moments to feel gratitude for that!

Do you usually eat breakfast in a hurry? On the way out the door, or swallowing it without even chewing? I have done that for some time in my life, but nowadays I get to take my time eating something for breakfast along with my favorite tea. I make the effort to sit down for it, even if I am alone, and treat it with respect. It is the first food that goes inside my body in that new day, so I’d rather eat it consciously and savoring it to the max.

Such a simple thing to love, but it makes a big difference for me when I can start my day in a more contemplative (and appreciative) pace, rather than rushing out the door! I am very grateful that I have arranged my schedule to give me the flexibility to take my time for that before getting into my to-do list.


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Mindful Gratitude – Day 15 Nov 2018

Day 15: Who has brought you the biggest disappointment in your life? How has that served you? Have you ever forgiven them? Can you begin to feel gratitude about that situation/person? Are you able to find the silver lining?


I have written about forgiveness in this post:  https://apathoflight.wordpress.com/2014/10/05/forgiveness/

Research has shown that unforgiveness is linked to poor health. You can read more about this here:  https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/the_new_science_of_forgiveness



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