This page is reserved to investigate or even expose some different types of meditation and their consequences in terms of how the person, who is meditating, experienced them. I love hearing other people’s comments and see how different they are even after the same meditation we do together.

Meditation can happen anywhere, you don’t have to be sitting still and quietly to do it. There are many variations: walking meditation, laughing, dancing, etc. Even when you run and you reach that peace of mind, otherwise unavailable for you during the rest of your day, you are meditating.

I want to mention something funny (you may find it weird, but for me, it is still funny today) that happened to me once in an airport. I went through security to have my carry-ons and myself checked. As I was told to stand inside that x-ray machine, I felt the resistance inside because I did not want to go through this and neither was I happy about having to leave behind a water bottle and other things I would like to be carrying for my personal use but couldn’t because of imposed rules. So, I decided to close my eyes, put my hands behind my back (as instructed), and find that peaceful spot, which resides inside each one of us. I wasn’t really expecting to reach it, but I thought I would try, just to see if I could find peace at that moment. As I closed my eyes, peace was right there, so tangible and delightful. I dove into it and bathed in it, a blissful state which cannot be disturbed by external circumstances. It felt like one of those eternal moments; I did not want it to end. But then I hear, “Ma’am, step out of the booth and go get your luggage”. My children calling me, “Mom, come!” My husband saying, “It is time; you’re done! Get out of there!” I don’t know for how long they had been calling me as I zoned out, or better saying I “zoned inwards”, and forgot where I was or what was going on around me. It was pretty funny! My family could not understand what I was doing there for longer than it was required. They thought I had fallen asleep standing there, which is not impossible, but it was not the case on this day. I simply dissolved into peace while standing in a backscatter x-ray machine…

I have reserved a different page for a 21-day meditation challenge through the Chopra Center. They offer free guided meditations for 21 days and I wrote about them, opening up about my experiences to others and hopefully being able to read their experiences, too. Here is the link to it:



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