Days 15 – 21

Day 15: It was bedtime and I still needed to do today’s meditation. I didn’t feel like doing it at all. I had too much going on inside already. But I did it just for the discipline. Nothing happened, but at least I did not fall asleep, in fact it was hard to fall asleep, it took me a long time after finishing the meditation to be able to sleep. Yet, the next morning I woke up half an hour early feeling refreshed.

Day 16: Quantum Healing – Yes, I had a load of things to let go of. These past couple of days have been heavy. And so I released some luggage and felt lighter, I felt more expanded.  I could have stayed in that meditation for probably at least 15 more minutes as I connected to that peaceful spot we all have inside. I am thankful to have found peace again.

Day 17: Chakra calibration is something I have been doing for a few years, not every day, but at least more than once a week. Usually when I feel overwhelmed or lost during the day, this is a tool that is always available and helpful, if I remember it. The difference was including the mantras for each chakra, plus the lovely background music again. After the instructor went quiet, I focused on the music, and it took me very deep inside. I could see waves in different colors undulating with the rhythm and when the sound changed it took me to another layer and the color would also change. Very nice and perfect for bedtime!


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