Out of the Comfort Zone

I am about to start a “forty day revolution” program with a few friends. As with any program, I have my own intentions and reasons for doing this, but I am trying to keep my mind open to any new discoveries this journey might reveal to me. The program consists in a combination of diet, self-inquiry, meditation, and yoga. I have seen progress from all these activities done separately and strongly believe that combining them will intensify results and also open new paths. And once it is finished, it does not mean I will have reached the end of my path, instead it will lead me to new possibilities on my life journey.

If you are curious about my reasons, some of them are nourishing myself better, including not giving in so easily to recent chocolate cravings (probably because I decided to cut coffee a couple weeks ago), digging for answers related to some always needed internal reviewing, trying to reestablish a meditative routine every day, and finally being able to enjoy harvesting benefits from practicing yoga every day during this forty day period. If you think forty days are a lot, just compare them to your whole lifetime up until now and you’ll see it is not that much.

I feel blessed for having friends that want to join me in this adventure. As we all know, participating in a program with a buddy leads to a bigger chance of sticking to it until the end than trying by yourself. There is no planning being done ahead of time. As I chose to start this program, the only thing I stopped to think about was: Will I be able to find time in my schedule to follow the daily routine? A weak ‘yes’ came to the surface. But if I allowed that thought to stop me from doing this, which I consider a gift to myself, it would never get started. I think now is a good time to try it, and never the thought of failure has crossed my mind. I am not aiming for something impossible; it is not easy either, but it is doable. I know I won’t finish the program looking like Jennifer Aniston because I am NOT her and that is also NOT my goal. In forty days I will still be me, just a bit more polished, and a lot more conscious: about how I act or react to situations, how much I allow my thoughts to stop me from doing things, how I take care of my body, what I choose to eat, how much I eat, and many other things.

I am not planning to start a journal, but intend to write every time I feel the need to. And I am sure it will help me during the process, and maybe in the future, if I decide to go through the program all over again one day. Hopefully some posts, starting with this one, will even encourage other people to embark on challenging journeys for their own growth. Once I read on a book that “the soul has no limitations”. It really doesn’t. Once you set your mind to do something, there is no stopping you. Even your wishing to reach your goal will help create situations which will help you. I am not saying you could decide right now to climb Mount Everest tomorrow, and just wanting to accomplish this will make it happen. Tomorrow? Not that easy! But if it is that important to you, make up your mind and start training for that, and in a couple years you will be ready. Work hard, trust, and you will get there.


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