Week 3 – Connections

For week 3, how about meditating on your connections? I visualized connections around me; they could be our connections to friends and how they have affected our lives; connections to strangers, who once came into our life, offered something or not, and left; connections in our families; organs inside your body, muscles, bones, joints, etc.; atoms all around us. So many connections – all with a purpose! You could even ask to be able to understand your connection to some person you just don’t get.

To wrap up this week, I went for a floating session at Float Seattle and had a great time meditating weightlessly inside a tank for 60 minutes. Here is my view on it: https://apathoflight.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/floating-in-duality/

Even though I reached the 21-day-mark, I plan to continue meditating daily, especially now that I have momentum to hold onto. I will stop posting about themes, and maybe post when some epiphany comes about a subject. And they do come; I feel already the clarity in my mind during the day, not to mention other benefits. I hope you find time in your busy day to stop, sit and meditate, too. And one of these days, when you feel full of love, that unconditional love that is bigger than anything you could compare to, please send it out to the world; it needs it. Bless your heart!


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