Feeling Like a Kid Again!

There was a downpour yesterday afternoon, also bringing thunder and lightning, which are exciting phenomena for the place I live in, since thundershowers are rare here. I just couldn’t resist… The sound of the rain falling really hard on the roof, windows, the ground, and plants stirred some stuff inside me and many memories from when I was much younger came back. I loved getting drenched in the rain, it was such a big relief for all the heat we usually dealt with while I lived in Rio de Janeiro. Those afternoon thundershowers were cleansing (in more ways than you can imagine as it moves all kinds of things left on the streets), refreshing and renewing.

After hearing the raindrops for a while, I decided to join nature! I went out and stood in the rain for a while, letting it cleanse me. It felt so good! Pretty soon I was frolicking in the rain. The neighbors probably thought I had gone mad, but I was simply inebriated by joy. And why couldn’t I go play outside like a kid? Actually, why do we ever lose touch with that kid inside of us? Connecting to that kid is so good for the heart and does amazing things for the soul! I am not sure how long that never-ending moment lasted, but it was captured by my younger kid in the picture below. I was drenched and enjoying it very much! Eventually, my kid decided to join me for a minute or so as an accomplice to find out what that madness was about.  chuvaJul2014

After a while, we noticed it had rained so much that water had piled up on my driveway and was entering the garage… We quickly jumped into some teamwork with brooms, buckets and mops to cleanup, ending even more drenched than when we started, yet feeling invigorated. I am thankful for having the opportunity to be able to play in the rain once again; it’s rare to have warm rain where I live.

How does one strong thundershower make you feel inside?


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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