Yummy and Easy Cheese Bread Recipe

Do you want to surprise a friend or maybe a mom on Mother’s day? Try this easy recipe for cheese bread, a traditional snack in many Brazilian areas! You can even get kids involved because it is so simple to prepare.

You could make it from scratch.
Here is a great recipe you can use. I found it on http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/easy_brazilian_cheese_bread/

The other option to make this recipe is one even easier. Even though it is not made from scratch, we still add a few ingredients, so it can still be fun for the kids.
Here is the link to buy the mix on Amazon:

Once you are ready to prepare it, follow the instructions, which usually tell us to add water and eggs. Now, the best part: the bread tastes better if you mix it up with your hands (and add some love to it). My kids knead it as if it was playdough. Very fun for little kids! Then you make little balls of dough to put in the oven. Since these are less liquid than the ones from the recipe above, you won’t need a muffin pan to bake it; a regular one will do.

Our family has taken cheese bread to International Nights at schools and they are always a success! We have been asked over and over to bring it again the following year. I hope you like it, too.


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