When the Chatter Settles Down

I was making tea on a sunny day in the kitchen and had this small realization by looking at the seeds being brewed inside a glass jar as I help it in front of a window. The sky was blue, and that made it easier to identify the deck and trees behind that window.jarblur

When I shook the jar, the seeds started to spin inside it and it was hard to see things through the jar. I kept watching it and as the seeds settled down to the bottom of the jar, the scenery was once again revealed, with clarity, even though the water now looked somewhat yellow. That reminded me of the snowglobe experiment I sometimes use in my Kids Yoga classes, comparing the sparkles in the water to thoughts in our mind. If we sit down in stillness and are patient enough to stay there for a while, our thoughts slowly start to settle down; then we begin to see things clearly. In fact, a whole new point of view on our reality (or what we think is our reality) may emerge, maybe even improving your take on life.jarclear

I invite you to try it some time. The sitting in stillness that is, yet you can make tea as much as you want. Try to remain in stillness for 5 to 10 minutes a day; for how long you can, some people say for a week at least, so you can better notice the difference. Let me know how it goes.


About thowling

Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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