MLK Day of Service

In honor of the US Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service on January 20, I decided to write about how my family has been of service to others in need. As a family, our biggest project to help others so far was to build a school in Kenya, which I already blogged about here: We participated in a team to gather funds to build the school, besides receiving donations from so many good local friends, and also getting some help from my husband’s employer to get all four of us participating in this wonderful project.

If you are thinking you do not have enough money to help anyone, well neither do we. But there are various ways to help, besides donating funds. How about donating your time and talents to help others? Below are some other things we have done in order to help those in need.

During both my daughters’ 6th grade year, their respective classes visited retirement homes. My older daughter went in December to sing holiday songs to the residents, who were happy to cherish old songs being sung by such young people. What a sweet Choir field trip! My younger daughter went during spring to another retirement home to sit and talk to the people living there. Oh! How they loved having enthusiastic visitors listening to their stories and engaging in conversation with them. This was a first field trip for the students in their school’s Honor Society.

After that, we have engaged in more opportunities, such as volunteering at events put together to feed homeless people or going to some storage place to sort donated items according to age groups. Two years ago, my younger daughter wanted to invite all 29 of her classmates to her birthday party. I told her it could be done with one condition: instead of getting presents from each one of them, she would ask them for donations, which she would collect and personally deliver at some shelter. Since she loves dogs so much, she chose to help a dog shelter, and quickly agreed to the idea. She understood having her friends with her on her birthday and being able to donate to a shelter would be way better and more gratifying than getting gifts she may never even use. And so we did it, and she managed to collect a good amount of money to donate besides meeting a bunch of friendly dogs! In the following year, 2013, she did it again, yet only inviting girls to the party this time; the amount collected was less, but she is happy to still be able to help. We donated it during MLK’s weekend. This will be our way of serving in honor of MLK day this year. However, I am sure more opportunities will come up during the year, and we will be able to help other living beings.


This post is part of the MLK Day of Service Blog Hop sponsored by Multicultural Kid Blogs. See below for more details and to link up your own post about MLK Day and/or doing volunteer work with kids.

Multicultural Kid Blogs is proud to announce that this year we are joining in the US Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service by challenging our readers (and ourselves!) to take the time to do service with our children. Today some of our wonderful bloggers are sharing ideas about the kinds of volunteer work they have done with their kids.

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For some ideas on doing volunteer work with kids, browse our list of family-friendly service projects or great organizations to support. You can also follow our Teaching Global Citizenship and Black History boards on Pinterest.

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3 Responses to MLK Day of Service

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  2. What an amazing family you are! I love the ideas that you shared, showing how simple it can be to make a difference in someone else’s life! And I really love the birthday party idea! Thank you for participating in the MLK Day of Service Blog Hop!

    • thowling says:

      Leanna, thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment. Your website is really nice, with so many tools being used. You are my digital hero! And you still have time to make cards to play games about volunteering with kids – awesome!!!
      It was my pleasure to participate in my first blog hop ever with Multicultural Kid Blogs.

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