Growth Happens

Do you think you stopped growing after you turned 21? Maybe you’re not even there yet, but growth does not stop. At least it wants to happen. And, after a certain age, you allow it or not. There are many opportunities to grow in our lives, ranging from reading a new book to learning a different language or even a new career. You could even turn into a new being! If life is not going the way you want, there is time to try a new way; just start now; don’t wait for next month or semester. And the more time people spend trying to be someone they are not deep down in their heart, the further they will be from feeling satisfied with life.
As the new year starts to unfold, take some time to revisit your life and find areas where change is needed. Or if you already did this recently, for instance last Fall, when leaves start to change color (as suggested in my previous post ), it is time to make sure you are practicing those changes. In which direction will you decide to grow towards? Do you see how exciting life can be when you make that decision to grow? Every day will be a new beginning and the journey will be ever expanding! Let’s say Sally decides to become a nurse. Every day she will be learning new things and looking forward to graduating. But when she does, the journey won’t be over. Still in her job, practicing what she deeply wants, she will see new situations, get to meet new people who she will help, and learn how to deal with new issues. When you do things from your heart, it feels amazing and you get invigorated by doing your job – how cool is that? This is not what we see around; it’s more like people leaving work with head down, shoulders tensed up and a feeling of frustration all around them. It should be the other way: People loving what they do and radiating happiness!
This picture posted here was taken by me during my savasana (lying in relaxation on the grass) about a year ago. As I looked up and saw that marvelous IMG_1551blue sky colored by the tree and its flowers, I smiled. So much peace I felt at that moment. I decided to take a picture to have that available and, in moments when peace won’t come so easily, I can revisit that picture and remember that feeling I have now associated with it. By the way, I recommend you find a picture that represents peace to you and keep it with you for not-so-easy moments when you need to keep your cool for some reason.
Anyway, what does the picture story have to do with growth? Well, this place, where the picture was taken, is growing. I have known it for about twenty years and it has been growing since. But slowly. First we barely had electricity, no phones (joy!), dirt roads, and at that time there was no internet. Then came the poles bringing electricity. Yes, it was nice to be able to take warm showers when the mild winter came. More houses were built. Then, phone lines came. Yes, it was good to call family to make sure they were okay; and also call the Energy servicing company to let them know when power was out. More houses came. Now there is internet, even broadband. In my mind, it is such a weird concept that the once wild place, almost a natural refugee has all these updates. Yeah, it is progress, however our society sees it.
This time when I visited, I saw machines paving some roads… I was devastated! I like to walk bare feet many times while I am there, but not on asphalt. Growth. Yes, the place is growing, now at a faster pace, that does not please me, but that is not for me to choose. What I CAN choose is how my own growth goes. And if I get bothered enough by paved roads for example, maybe I can become a politician or activist and fight for preserving the wilderness. So, focus on what really speaks to your heart and grow towards it. It will become a brand new life.
May 2014 bring heartwarming growth to you and yours!


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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