A Morning Prayer

Today I woke up extra early
And had a few minutes free
To go out in the stillness,
Take deep breaths and just be.

I watched the clouds moving,
This deep blue to reveal.
Moon, stars, passing shadows.
The moment was quite surreal.

As sky and Earth paused
Mixing up its layers,
I puffed up my chest to
Say my morning prayers.

I pray it’ll be a great day
With people respecting each other
I ask that all will be free
To live and love one another.

May our hearts be able tolightonheart
Hear and sing this sweet song,
connecting us to our very core,
Inspiring others to sing along.

May we find joy and purpose
In some service we do today,
One that doesn’t feel like work,
And mostly feels like play!

May we illuminate each others’ paths
Since we each have our own light.
By living in clarity, finally we
Realize we all can shine bright.

The light that shines within me
Acknowledges the light within you.
The source of all lights is the same;
May we all find this to be true.


About thowling

Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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3 Responses to A Morning Prayer

  1. thowling says:

    PS: I only take credit for the poem, not the picture, which was found on the web without mentioning the owner.

  2. very nice.. thanks for sharing!!

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