The Homeschool of Life

Life is like homeschool. You are learning many subjects at the same time without the rules of a regular school: no uniform, no need to be at the same place the whole time, no preset recess time, no preset lunch time (you can actually choose to eat when you are actually hungry), etc. Some days are easier than others and some other days bring surprise quizzes.

In most of the tests, the teacher – the Universe, the knower of all areas – tweaks the questions so we may feel confused and think we don’t know the answer. There are no notes taken; no time for that! Some magic pen automatically writes tough lessons in our hearts. Reviews are common and having to relearn lessons with different points of view are not unusual.
Like homeschooled siblings, your peers (other human beings) are each at a different level in their learning scale. The top of it is so high we can’t see it. That is not for discouragement, instead it is a way to forget and let go of judgments around our progress every semester, year or even decade. Neither time now grade are the way to measure progress. In fact, lacking the need to measure progress is a sign of it!

Enjoy today’s lessons, and may we all be open for the new teachers who love to pop in as a surprise!


About thowling

Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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