Floating in Duality

I went to this place in Seattle (called Float Seattle) where they have salt-watered tanks for people to float. They claim many benefits from it, such as reducing stress, eliminating fatigue and some more, as you can find on their link: http://floatseattle.com/overcome-stress/ I did leave the place feeling more relaxed and with more vitality.

Obviously, as unique as we all are so are the ways people feel about a session. I will write about my own impression here. I admit I was a bit nervous to go into that dark tank, which reminded me of those sun-tanning capsules. This one was a bit less claustrophobic because it was a bit bigger, more like a space capsule. From the outside, I couldn’t even see the color of the water… I told the “salt-guru” (as staff members call themselves) that I once swam in a river where there were snakes, and until this day I assume there could be snakes in the water anywhere, especially if it’s not crystalline water. The lady assured me there were no snakes or monsters inside the tank, since she had cleaned it that morning. I thanked her, increasing my confidence in 2% or so.

Then, I prepared myself to stay in that tank for the next 60 minutes – yikes! That seemed like a lot. I lied down and the water is so salty that you float right away effortlessly. The temperature of the water matches our human body temperature: 93.5degrees Fahrenheit. And you can turn on the heater inside the tank, which I did, so the air will be as warm as the water. The tank is composed by ¼ of water and ¾ of air. After 10 minutes (I didn’t look at the time, but I presume it had been 10 minutes), I finally got used to a few bubbles moving from the bottom to the surface of the water while sliding over some part of my body. At first, I thought they could be… well, not snakes, but some bug or little fish or whatever my imagination could create. Then I convinced myself they were all simply bubbles. Next, I realized that if I turned off the little dim light inside the tank all that was already in there would still be there anyways. That’s when I got enough courage to turn off the light, which allowed me to keep looking at the corners, the ceiling, pipes and imagine (or even think I could really see) things.

Once it was all dark, it didn’t matter if my eyes were open or closed; I could see nothing. That’s when relaxation really started to kick in. So, I am glad I followed the salt-guru’s advice and turned off the light. I calmed down thoughts enough to hear my breath (I had ear plugs on to keep the water out), which sounded huge in that tank. In the gaps between inhales and exhales, I could hear my heartbeat – so cool! Most of the time it’s hard for me to find enough silence to be able to hear my own heartbeat. I thought I was going to have a “back-to-the-womb” moment there, but no. One thing I was surprised about was that I had this sense of well-being from head to toes. My left foot has been hurting since last week, but inside the tank everything felt just right on my body.

At some point, I felt I was sliding with the water like a stream flowing. Some other times, I felt like I was spinning extremely slowly as if I were floating out there in space, in a vast universe with nothing really near me, only light years away. That’s when duality jumped up at me! I felt big inside that small tank, even my breath was huge. But I also felt as tiny as a speck in that vast universe I imagined. I felt floating in water (1/2 of me to be exact) and, at the same time, also floating in air (other ½ of me). Even at some point I could not tell what was water and what was air anymore. I felt there was nothing inside the tank, yet I still could feel (and recreate) everything in there – my thoughts, worries, fears, feelings, dreams, etc.

In this duality, I flowed back and forth, I don’t even know for how long! Especially flowing from worrying about anything that would come up back to feeling relaxed and just surrendering as there was nothing to do or that could be done. Even my neck had to relax because it didn’t have to hold the weight of my head, which was easily floating like the rest of my body. And so it became a meditation with palpable feelings of floatation in the nothing. I would just try to watch worries coming up and leaving, diving back into relaxation and surrender. Sometimes that’s all we can do; give up the need, the struggle, the effort to control.

I finally felt light enough to invite more into my meditation. I have been experimenting with opening up to listen to a word or sentence the universe has for me on that particular day. Therefore, I asked myself and whoever could hear me inside that tank, “What is the message for me today?” I quieted my mind down to listen, and… The speaker turned on inside the tank playing some soft music to let me know one hour had passed. I thought, “Really? Was that my message for today? Humorous Universe, you never cease to amaze me!” I actually interpreted it as if you spend a long time worrying about things that were or could be, you take time from enjoying what already is… This is similar to a quote from someone, and it is so true.

With that said, I truly hope you seize your day, enjoying every moment of it.


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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