Yoga Spinner

yogaspinner I just got a yoga board game (yes, you read that right!) from Upside Down Games; its name is Yoga Spinner. It is cute, compact and portable, so you can take it inside your bag if you are a teacher, kid yoga instructor or a parent. It is also very easy to play, in a way that kids won’t have a hard time understanding the directions. It is a simple idea with colorful cards illustrating kids in yoga poses. I taught this ten-year-old boy today and asked if the wanted to play. He agreed and we had lots of fun! Even though you are the only person supposed to do the poses in the cards you get (except for the white ones, which depict partner poses), we both did all the poses from the cards we took. Just for fun! And for doing more yoga! After all, that’s why he was there at the studio with me. The partner poses were very fun to try. Most of them were pretty challenging for us, so even if we play it again, we still have work to do.

We had to move carefully when doing some partner poses that work better if the partners are the same height. On one of them, for instance, I had to kneel down so he could rest his foot on my shoulder. As I was supposed to stand up with his foot on my shoulder, I could not go up all the way or it would have meant a full standing split for him, which his body is not yet prepared for. So, we went to his edge, wherever that was. On my turn, we went to my edge, wherever that was, even if different than his. I believe this was beneficial because it shows our uniqueness in a non-competitive way. We did not need to do better than the other person to keep the card in order to win the game.

At the end, I asked him for his opinion about the game and he said, “This is a very unique game because it combines playing with cards and also doing physical activity!” He thought individual poses were less challenging than the ones with a partner. The game did not last too long and did not go too fast either. We still had time to do other poses in our 60-minute-class, including a final savasana, which all kids enjoy. Today I did not guide him into any visualization; since he is ten, I talked about how people are different form each other and how normal that is; we don’t have to look or be like anyone. I decided to talk about this theme because I saw him noticing the difference between us on some poses we performed simultaneously. At the end of his time in the final relaxation pose, I added, “It all works out with us being who we are; even easier when we accept that.”

Before I took this game with me to a class, I played at home by myself as two different players. I will get my younger child to play it with me when we have a chance. Seeing that it was not too complicated to present it to children during one-hour classes, I decided to try it in my class for ages 7-12. I highly recommend this game as it will add lots of fun to your class, home or classroom with a different and creative idea. Just like my student said, it combines a card game with physical activity, and such fun poses! Let’s get these kids moving and help with the obesity rates besides working on so many other qualities, including self-esteem!

Thank you, Upside Down Games, for thinking out of the box and coming up with the beautiful and entertaining Yoga Spinner! I can’t wait to try the other games!

Here is their website:


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2 Responses to Yoga Spinner

  1. Mara says:

    Adorei a ideia, vou procurar o jogo!

    • thowling says:

      Mara, o jogo esta na, mas como sao da California nao enviam ainda pro exterior. Pergunta a eles se enviariam ao exterior pois acredito que ele fara no futuro, ja que ja vi outras pessoas pedindo.

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