Find Gratitude in Your Day

Yesterday it felt like I saw double rainbows inside the yoga room! I had had this back ache for almost two months and there was always a remainder of it when I did most yoga poses, even gentle ones. I started not being able to even fold forward, but little by little it smoothed out and I just had to be extra aware and gentle in my yoga practice. Yet no matter how careful I was, eventually I would be reminded during class of my pain in some pose. It has been a very humbling experience and for weeks, the only word I could think of as I entered the yoga studio to practice was humbleness. Many poses I love doing and was used to could not be done anymore because of pain, and that kept me on my mat in the simplest form of all poses and even variations to not force anything. I would focus on the painful spot, breathing humbly as if to make friends with the pain (and hopefully release it), finding patience and compassion to be able to stay present with the pain instead of running away from it.

Then yesterday it felt like sunrays were shining on me in the middle of practice as I did some (not too hard) pose, which had been tough for me, finding no reminiscence of the pain in my back. Ta-da! All of a sudden I felt myself flowing (more like floating actually) in the pose with such lightness and feeling whole as in all body parts engaged and none complaining/hurting. I felt so grateful! Gratitude filled me up! I smiled from ear to ear, and I looked around as if saying to everyone, “Look guys! I can do this without pain! It is a double rainbow!” No one noticed, of course, but that didn’t bother me. I was so happy that, for the first time in gratitudetwo months, I could practice a whole class being certain the pain was completely gone.

Are you able to find something in your day to be grateful for? Take time to understand why it is important to you and makes you feel happy, all the while feeling gratitude all over and also inside your body!

I am grateful that you stopped by and read my post. Lots of blessings to you!


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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