Daily Meditations – Week 1 – Self-Acceptance

I chose these pictures because they go well, in my opinion, with the theme of self-acceptance. They show the same tree, less than a month apart, going through Autumn. The leaves fell quickly and soon that radiant tree from the first picture looked bare and a bit gloomy, as you can see in the second picture.

These can serve as a metaphor for us: It is easy to accept ourselves when we look and/or feel radiant, but are we able to accept ourselves when we look/feel gloomy? Are we capable of still respecting ourselves when some of our flaws get exposed? Can we still honor our own beings when we are not the way we expected? Self-acceptance says yes!!



I will post a few words I get after some of my daily meditations, without promising daily posts, but at least weekly posts, especially suggesting a theme for the whole week for me (or maybe us!) to work on. It is good to have a theme for at least a week, then we can see more powerful results. If you are also meditating daily, you don’t have to follow my theme; trust yourself and go with what feels good to you. Don’t forget to smile in the process!

Here is the link for week 1: https://apathoflight.wordpress.com/meditations/daily-meditations/week-1-self-acceptance/


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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