Restarting Daily Meditations

As the holidays approach us, I invite you to sit in quietude every day for 20 minutes or so. If we start now, by the time the end of the year reaches us, we will be able to handle it in a more centered and healthier way, maybe dodging stressful situations that could turn into bigger challenges than they really are, if we are only paying enough attention. Many of my friends have mentioned how hurried up this year has been, and how we seem to be catching up to it all the time; let’s try to slow down, which will allow us to catch up even faster! It may sound contradictive, but it actually works. Meditation helps us integrate all that has happened and still is in our lives.

So, I started it today, and wrote a bit about my experience in this post:

Feel free to leave comments and share about your experiences, too. If we do things with buddies, it is much easier! So, please join me, and let me know how it feels for you, as we walk this path together.

Have a blessed day!


About thowling

Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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