Feeling Stuck? Let’s Move on!

It is very interesting (and ironic) to me when I find myself stuck in a life situation which has happened before. If you haven’t noticed, this happens all the time but it’s not always that we are able to notice it; simply because we are not paying enough attention. Most of the time, people get so caught up on the emotions generated by that situation they have a hard time realizing it is a cycle coming back, offering another opportunity to move on. Other times, people can step back a bit to just watch what is going on without getting involved and they will notice, yet they don’t know how to get past it. When people manage to stay on top of their emotions, analyze the situation being repeated and use their new knowledge, they usually have a breakthrough.

That was exactly what was going on for me a few days ago. I realized I was at a place (not just physically) where I was ten years ago! Sure, I don’t feel the same way; there’s also more knowledge available and new emotions building up from being at this place. As I stopped to look at this situation to try to move on, so as not to find myself here again after ten more years, I remembered a similar episode a couple of years ago. At that time, I had a friend in a faraway country, with whom I communicated through the internet. When I mentioned my issue, he told me his guru would be open to listen to my questions about it. Then, he added, “He will only answer it if it is an important question”. Well, of course it was important to me, so I decided to write to his guru. Without getting into many details, I wrote down the issue and how it had become a cycle in my life, coming back once in a while to see if I would choose to run away from it again or finally move through it. The problem was that I did not know if the action I had chosen to take would mean escaping or facing the issue. So, I asked him. A few days later, I anxiously checked one more time for a reply and there it was! I was happy and relieved that it had been an important question… Until I read the response. The guru said, “Explain the problem better, with more details”. Ugh! But I wanted to stay away from those details, which seemed to invite me into the whole tornado of feelings involving the situation. I wrote back describing details… A week passed, then a month. I finally convinced myself I would not get a reply and should take action by myself. This story is just to remind me (and maybe you) that there is no one – guru, prophet, superman, etc. – who is able to tell you what would be the right thing to do. We know what to do. If we sit with ourselves and take time to listen for what is inside, we will know the solution.

And as I found myself again in a repeated situation (by the way, there are many different ones going on in our lives at the same time, as evolution keeps knocking at our doors), I decided to sit down and listen a couple of days ago. All of a sudden, I felt the urge to write. Not this post, but I wrote down some questions, took a deep breath and continued writing to answer them, as if they would form a blog post. At the end, when answering the last question, the answer came. It was as simple as that.

So, if you know what I am talking about (I am guessing yes, because you read this post all the way up to here), I would like to help you by sharing which questions I used: Am I able to identify what constitutes this place I’m at? And furthermore, what even bothers me so much about being here again? Which will hopefully lead me to the conclusion about what does my soul want me to learn from this so I can move on?

These questions are very generic, applicable to any circumstances. Feel free to write them down and use them with your issue. One other hint I have is to let the words flow. Don’t stop them to use logic before they come to the paper, just write whatever comes in your “hand/pen/pencil”, bypass the mind, allowing them to come straight from the heart. I hope this helps you move on.


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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