Multicultural Families

I recently joined a group of multicultural families virtually. These are inspiring people, who go more than the extra mile to expand their knowledge about other cultures and share what they’ve learned with their own families and people around the world, through blogs, live chats and all kinds of collaborations! In this short time, I have been in contact with them, they have made me a bit more aware of all the efforts my family and I have done all these years to keep at least two languages being spoken (the other languages I mention below have been learned individually) in our house.

Since I have been into poems lately, I wrote this one to acknowledge and honor all multicultural families and their efforts to raising individuals with open minds all around the world. As we become more conscientious and respectful world citizens, we make our world a better place for everyone.


Moms and dads, who raise kids
With different cultures in mind,
Need new activities, books,
And fun stories to find.

If their children can’t see the perks,
They may feel lack of motivation.
Unlike their parents, who want
A chance to broaden their education.

One of my kids always felt,
Without any request or command,
Very thrilled to be able to
Another language understand.

My other kid refused to try
A second culture to incorporate
Until she realized it was a secret
Language in which to articulate.

All of our family members want
With our kids to keep in touch.
By practicing Portuguese at home
They always thank us so much!

Between our kids and us,
Seven languages are spoken.
In our effort we all have
Some foreign words misspoken…

English, Spanish, French, Swahili,
Portuguese, Latin, and German
We know at least a bit of;
Fluency is for us to determine.

There are many books to buy;
Even videos, music and comics.
I’ll admit the internet has
Helped a lot with economics…

We search the internet for knowledge,
Email friends in other regions.
We visit other continents and even
Made friends with some Norwegians!

The world is fascinating!
So many cultures to explore!
As races and traditions get mixed,
Don’t you always want to learn more?


About thowling

Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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