No need to fit in cookie cutters…

This is a short post, because I just wanted to share something quick. This summer, I kind of got out of my disciplinary (yet not too rigorous) way of eating and ended up gaining a few pounds. In the past week, three different people who had not seen me since spring saw me in different occasions and wearing different clothes. Those three people asked me if I lost weight during the summer. Haha Imagine that! After I replied, “No, I actually gained weight during this summer”, all of them said, “Well, I don’t know what it is then, but you look great!” The first thing that came to my mind to answer was, “You know, maybe it’s the fact that I am totally okay with having gained weight; I’m not worried at all about that.” And when I stop to think about it, I gotta tell you, it’s completely liberating to not have to look a certain way, not have to be at a certain weight, and not have to prove anything to anyone. Maybe it’s my age helping me think like this or all I went through in life. I bet I could call it freedom even!pounds

Just a note on the side, I wish all teenagers, especially girls, who are constantly bombarded by media, as this picture suggests, to look like some celebrity or to be able to fit in a size -2 (you read it right, negative two; that’s how small clothes are in some stores!), could feel this same freeing feeling at least for a whole month during their teenage years. I suspect life would be much more enjoyable for them.

Anyway, my main message here is that I encourage you to try to not worry about your appearance, your weight (unless it is to the point of being harmful to your health), or that you are not fitting into someone else’s cookie cutter just for one day. Just notice how you feel and how liberating it can be! If you already live like this, enjoy your freedom, and spread the love!


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