Some Science Behind Meditation

I know I have written some posts about meditation in this blog before, but I couldn’t resist to include this link to a research article I came across this week:

Anything I find that shows some scientific research besides benefits from meditation I consider worth it of posting here. Many of us need proof and explanations before trying something such as meditation. I say that coming from a mathematical background, which was my major on my first college adventure. Funny enough, when I finished it, I registered in the same college again, but this time for Language and Literature. I guess both sides of my brain were trying to get balanced. Just so you know, if I had to pay for those courses I would not have gone through college because of insufficient funds, but through a state wide test, people can get into that specific college, which is a public one belonging to the state, for free – and that was the only chance I had to get a college diploma.

Back to the meditation subject, I personally decided to try it some years ago just because I couldn’t really see any harm on doing it. I had met a few people here and there that did it regularly and they seemed to have this clarity I could make good use of in my daily life. I’m not saying that those who don’t meditate do not experience clarity in their minds; I’m saying that those who need more clarity should try meditation and see if it can help them. It has helped me. Of course, the benefits are not limited to gaining more clarity in your mind, but we seem to need a big motivator to try things, and that did it for me.

After reading this article, I looked at the comments down there and one person had asked, “what kinds of things do people find that they can focus on enough to do this?” I replied there, but I want to emphasize it here, in case you have the same question going on. I suggested a couple of things to focus on while sitting comfortably, such as your breath, a word (Peace, love, joy, etc.), a sentence (“I am peaceful”, etc.) or mantra, a painting, a mandala, a flower, a lit candle, etc. Then, the best way is you finding it by yourself what works for you and what does not. There is no “one size fits all” in this case (is there ever one?). I would love to hear what works for you; just leave a comment about it!


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