Walk in Beauty

falconToday I couldn’t help it but find marvelousness in everything in nature. I woke up before sunrise and had the chance to go outside while stillness permeated the air. I looked at the blue sky in awe, since it is not very common where I live. As I looked up, I noticed the tops of the tallest trees nearby and they had this brilliance from being bathed by the first sunrays. I had been watching one of those trees very close, as we spotted a peregrine falcon and its nest there two weeks ago. I admit I felt a bit jealous of that bird. It is on one of the tallest trees, which means it gets the first sunrays every morning – what a blessing! At that early time, the bird sits on a branch and I spot the golden rays on its feathers as if the bird was put in the spotlight. It looks proud, confident, certain of its day, even if it does not know what is going to happen. Watching that bird I capture all the tranquility it radiates from its perch. It is in a meditative state that I watch this bird soak up the first rays of daylight as if it were being blessed by them.

I have also watched it flying and soaring in that beautiful blue sky – another blessing! Flying is one aspiration of mine, which I have only felt in my dreams (daydreams or night ones). To me, it seems sublime to glide through air, getting a ride from the wind while enjoying a great view of the earth below. In my opinion, flying also represents being fearless and, most of all, ultimate freedom. It is liberating and inspiring! Yes, I’m jealous of that bird again. And then at the end of the day the last sunrays land again on top of the tallest trees as our side of the Earth prepares for nighttime. Imagine watching a full moon from up there, too!

On the other hand, there is more to that bird’s life than just sunbathing and flying. No easy life for her or others. It has to hunt for its own food and stay away from predators. Yet, it does not live from fear. By watching this bird, we can tell it has some sumptuous presence; it has the certainty of doing what it is supposed to do (fly, hunt, protect, etc.) and spends its whole day connected to life itself. Awareness is key to its survival; one moment of distraction can be fatal. Then I wondered, “When did we forget about awareness and connection to life? When did we stop being present?” It is key; being in the moment will help you go through situations in life without the need to disconnect from it. There is no need to escape; live the moment, go through the feelings, don’t save them for later and let life unfold. Clouds start to dissipate in our blurry vision and all of a sudden there is clarity. We can see the path, no matter where it ends. And day by day you walk your path. Choose to walk in beauty, respecting others and yourself, being aware and present each moment. Certainly you will find the confidence, the pride, the connection to your path, to your life; all that will ultimately bring you freedom – to do what your heart yearns to do, to feel some fear but proceed anyway, to enjoy life from the moment the sun comes up until it comes down, and begin again the next day like it is your first, with an open mind and open heart.

Allow yourself to feel as blessed as the peregrine falcon I was referring to in the beginning of this text. After all, we are equally capable of doing wonderful things and seeing life from an amazing point of view, as soon as we choose to be present for ourselves and for others.


About thowling

Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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