Balance During Spring Equinox

vernal-equinoxToday is the Spring Equinox, which brings the same length for day and night, about 12 hours each because of the Earth’s axis position in relation to the sun. It is all related to balance, a great reminder for us in so many levels!

I will mention a few aspects it refers to in our lives: Food, for example, should you eat all you can today so tomorrow you can start a new diet by starving all day? And how about exercise? You could push way past your limits today, lose all the weight you can, so tomorrow you can just do no exercise at all! How about your brain- should you just be using one side of it – using the left side to work with numbers a bunch and completely forget about your creativity OR use the right side, diving fully in some kind of Arts and not be able to even add your paychecks to pay bills at the end of the month?

When dealing with feelings, should you let them run you to the point of being overwhelmed and only reacting to situations OR should you just shut down completely and choose not to feel at all, instead stuffing things inside? In terms of a spiritual practice, do we dedicate ourselves to fully dismiss our daily lives and immerse in the spiritual plane from head to toes OR do we close the gates to that area so we can focus only on the physical aspect of our lives? Relating to that, should we condemn those who do not believe in a higher power – at all or at least the way we do (or don’t) – OR simply choose to ignore what they try to tell us?

How about honoring boundaries – in yourself and in others? When you choose to be kind, do you offer yourself to whatever people want to take OR do you set boundaries? DO you respect your own boundaries? Wait! We just got back to where we started this post, when I mentioned pushing ourselves when dealing with food and exercise, for instance. I will keep this post short instead of being redundant. But I admit I could go on and on writing about the yin/yang aspect of both extremes, as they correlate and depend on each other to even exist! For example, how could you know what it means to be overtired without ever feeling very energetic? How could we know there will be more light in our days after the beginning of spring if there was no light at all? And so on…

May this spring equinox be a reminder for us about finding harmony in our lives. It does require discipline to remember balance on a daily basis, therefore I enjoyed today’s reminder provided by Mother Nature. It may sound like a lot to be asking yourself these questions to find out on which extreme you are all the time. Yet, after persevering for a while, it turns into a habit, becoming easier from then on. Do not feel discouraged from the amount of work it may seem to take; mostly you only need to be present. I also want to invite you to not be afraid of this kind of self-discipline as it eventually will transmute into freedom right in front of your eyes. I wish you a wonderful spring season!


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