Empowering Kids Through Yoga


One of the girls, who comes to a Kids Yoga class of mine, is afraid to try some poses, especially if she senses any slight risk of losing balance and the possibility of eventually falling on her mat. It is not like we try crazy things such as walk upside down while in handstand, just regular poses with some creative twists to them. Today, when I suggested we did Airplane pose, I noticed her freezing and going into that disempowering self-talk mode in her head. I turned to her and said, “Let’s try this pose! Just try it! What if you lose balance? You just get back up again; no big deal! Just try it! I know you can do this.” I want to add here that I have seen her performing poses way more complex than Airplane, so I had a strong feeling she really could do it.

Then, to increase the encouragement she was receiving, the other students in class, while doing the pose, called her name and invited her to do the pose, too. Our kids class is always in a circle, so we all see each other and we are all at the same level, as in no front row for only advanced yogis. The girl decided to extend one of her legs back and complete the pose by also positioning her upper body correctly. What happened next was even better! The kids started applauding and celebrating her. She then smiled from ear to ear and her chest filled with pride!

About a year ago, I posted a similar story that happened during a Kid Yoga class, too: https://apathoflight.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/accomplishing-things-beyond-the-yoga-mat/

We all know when you try to accomplish something, as big as it may seem, any small victory along the way seems huge! And so it is also in yoga, that first step you take to try to perform a pose, even if it still seems impossible, is already a big accomplishment. And those small victories are the ones having people come back to try again and again, ever empowering. The more we do it, the more it becomes part of our lives, and eventually we transfer those small and big wins from the yoga mat to real life, where challenges keep hovering almost all the time, if not always. And, little by little, we get to conquer them and learn to believe in ourselves, becoming able to overcome fear when following our path.


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2 Responses to Empowering Kids Through Yoga

  1. Leslie Typrin says:


    Thank you, I love this. I definately feel its all about the “little” victories these days.

    Miss you


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