Reducing Moms’ Stress Levels

Being a mom is not an easy task, and can be overwhelming on some days. You love your kids more than you even thought was possible, but it is a very challenging task as many moms are “on call” usually 24/7. From my own experience, one particular afternoon comes to mind instantly when I think about it. I was at home with my children – one almost 3 years old and a 6-month-old then. It was almost one hour past lunch time; I was feeling exhausted and really needed a nap, which would only happen if I had both children also asleep. As I sat on the rocking chair next to the crib waiting for a miracle to happen, I watched the baby sitting up and burst out laughing at her sister, who was jumping in front of her and singing. Both of them were laughing really hard and, with that, gaining even more excitement. As I watched this, happy for them, I realized they would not take a nap anytime soon, and if I kept trying to force that to happen, that would only bring frustration to all and suck up even more energy from me. On that day, I decided to stop nap time, which had only been happening to me really, while at least one of the girls would be up and I kept bobbing my head hoping to catch up on some sleep.

There are many ways for people to reduce stress, for instance, getting a massage, meditating, relaxing in a bathtub for a long time, stretching their bodies or doing a whole yoga class, reading a book, you name it. I did try different things and they worked for me in different levels, but there was one healing system I learned that made a difference for me (yes, meditation and yoga are two other important ones for me, and I have written about them before). I am specifically talking about Reiki, and how it is helpful for mothers-to-be and mothers who already are. Our lives are unpredictable and every day new situations appear, involving our kids or not. It helps if we feel better about ourselves to handle whatever comes up.

After both my kids started going to school full-time, I was guided to learn Reiki, a Japanese method for relaxation. It started with a friend of mine listening to some complaints I had about challenges I was going through at that time and how much it had increased my stress level. He then offered me a healing session that was done while I actually fell asleep. The next day I woke up and my view of the world had actually changed! For the better! It was like someone had blown away clouds that were making my vision of life blurry for a while. I felt this incredible sense of well-being without a reason, except that soon I realized I had so many reasons to be feeling good, and simply being alive was one of them! This was a friend from a long time, so I trusted him enough to accept the healing without even asking what kind of technique he would use. Once I saw the benefits, I asked him what it was. He then introduced me to Reiki, which I had never heard of before.

A few months after, I ended up taking the course Reiki level I because not only did I want to be able to find that level of relaxation on my own, I also wanted to share it with the ones I loved. And so I did. With Reiki I on my sleeve, I was able to share that well-being sensation with family and friends. I thought to myself: “If only I had learned this a few years ago, nap time would have lasted longer!” It really does not matter when you learn it; anytime is a good time, and it will make your life better as you incorporate it (the techniques and principles) to your daily life.

A couple of years later, I was guided to learn the Reiki Master level, gaining the ability to teach it to other people. So I am not just able to share it with others, but also able to empower them by teaching the techniques and principles so they can reiki_symboluse Reiki to help themselves heal, and also help others heal. After hearing some friends, complaining about their daily challenges from being a mom lately, I realized there are many mothers out there who could get some help by learning Reiki. This set of techniques will help moms in many ways, such as reducing their stress levels and also their kids’ stress levels, calming down fearful or agitated kids, soothing injured children, helping kids fall asleep more easily, among others.

If you would like to learn more about it, this may be a start:

If you are curious about research on Reiki’s effectiveness, you can find more info about it on

And, of course, if you want to experience it, I can help with that. Just contact me and we can talk about it. It is my pleasure to share this wonderful technique with anyone who feels inclined to try it or even learn it. I have taught Reiki courses since 2011, and have been practicing Reiki on people since 2008, when I learned Reiki level I. Since then, Reiki principles have blended in with my way of life, not as in following a doctrine, but in simply understanding life can be better with less effort. I want to share here the five Reiki principles, just so readers will understand it has nothing to do with religion: 1)just for today, do not worry; 2)just for today, do not anger; 3)be diligent in your work; 4)be grateful; 5)treat others with kindness.

I feel the principles listed above do not ask me to do anything beyond my capability. For me, number 1 is the hardest one by far. And it is just a matter of remembering it, no effort bigger than that. Being a mother, worrying becomes a part of your life, doesn’t it? You worry if your children are eating well, sleeping enough, etc. But once you stop worrying and just trust things will work out, it gets so much easier. I do need to be reminded of that particular one a few times during a day. On the other hand, number 4 has grown in my life beyond measure… I have probably mentioned gratitude in more than half of my posts here! Even now I feel grateful to have shared these ideas with you. May they serve you and yours, for the highest good.


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2 Responses to Reducing Moms’ Stress Levels

  1. Csilla says:

    Nice post, Thereza. What a good summary of what Reiki is. Thanks for reminding me of the 5 principles. I have integrated them into my life a long time ago, but it is nice to see them written down, because we often forget some of them when life gets busy.

    • thowling says:

      Thanks, Csilla. I thought listing the Reiki principles would be helpful; it helped me to remember, and I am so glad it helped you as well! I am planning to have some Reiki circles soon.

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