Ocean of Love

I just received a big envelope through the mail – it is full of love! I will try to put it into words as best as I can, but the feeling right now is just being immersed in an ocean full of love. The title was easy to find since I had heard the song with this same title from Deva Premal today; but way before I learned what was coming my way.
A few weeks ago, I volunteered at a middle school on a special day the school chose to have different activities available for the students. I taught three yoga classes in a row! That suIMG_1685mmed up to 3 hours and about 50 (teenagers and pre-teens) – 9 of them actually chose to stay for a second class right after they took the first one. It was amazing! When I left the school, I still felt full of energy, and surprisingly not hungry at all. It fulfilled me. Seeing results in the middle of the classes was an eye opener for those participating. Everyone noticed when agitated kids, who couldn’t seem to stop and listen, finally settled; not because I told them to, but because their body finally felt like it, after attempting poses that lead to bigger concentration and awareness. Plus the breath piece.
Now, coincidence or not (I don’t believe in coincidences anymore), today I remembered my experience from last night, when I took a long yoga workshop ending with us in meditation. As we sat, – I have no idea for how long but I heard some saying it felt too long for them – the instructor suggested we counted our blessings in our mind during that time. And so I did. Oh wow! So many blessings were revived in my memories. Some brought tears to my cheeks, some brought big smiles to my face. As the instructor directed us to the end of class, I actually wanted to keep counting blessings, since I was not even close to being done. I feel the need to explain here that I am not as blessed if you think the way our society does. Just as an example, some of my experiences I felt grateful for were: having watched flowers blossoming, having felt the sun on my skin consciously, the sight of a majestic mountain, remembering the laughter of someone dear to me, etc. Perhaps you can recognize some of these in your own life also, huh? I left the studio full of gratitude, overflowing with love for my life and how beautifully it unfolds, even without my wanting or knowing.
Well, you might be asking by now: What does that have to do with the yoga classes taught at the middle school? Well, here is the link: After filling myself with loving and grateful thoughts the night before, no wonder the next day I open the mailbox and find many thank-you cards from the students, full of wonderful and spontaneous IMG_1704messages. I was touched to read teenagers celebrating the fact they had combined fun, hard work, and relaxation all in the same class, which they are used to separate in their daily lives. One creative guy even drew a new pose and even came up with a name for it – haha! I love it! Sparking creativity, feeding the hunger for conscious self-discovery, meeting calmness in this hectic paced life – the list of possibilities is just too long! Another talented girl drew herself meditating in front of a candle and wrote, “So still not even the light of the candle moves”. Reading those cards filled me up with love for those people I have come in contact with, for what I do, and feeling grateful for being able to share that with others. Again, love and gratitude.

I will try to summarize my whole big point behind all this. Try to see love in everything – sun shining, flower blossoming, your breath happening, feeling your skin – feel grateful for even the littlest thing, and you will attract even more love into your life. I wish you the best, and please know I am grateful for you, too.


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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8 Responses to Ocean of Love

  1. Leslie says:

    You are so amazing and beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • thowling says:

      Leslie, thank you for stopping by my blog, first of all. I am happy to share this experience with the world! It is amazing to see what those teens wrote, I remember some of them entering the room certain they would have an awful hour doing boring stretches, ha ha. They were quite surprised yoga can be different than that, and to actually find out their bodies were happily wishing to lie down and relax at the end of class, breaking their routine of going-going-going…
      Much love to you and your family!!

  2. A Table in the Sun says:

    I work at a school and I would SO love to introduce yoga to our students. Our PE teachers aren’t really the yoga type…………but perhaps I can find some research that would help them to take note of this gentle exercise form. I have read several studies recently of school districts adopting regular yoga classes.

    • thowling says:

      It would make a difference in behavior for the better in the schools if the students did a bit of yoga everyday. I know of a school districts here in Washington state doing this already. If you tell me where you are (state), I may be able to help you find a training. I have a friend who trains Kid Yoga teachers and she has upcoming trainings soon. You could always email me privately at thowling2@hotmail.com
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jacki says:

    With each blog entry you write, I feel more aware and appreciative of life’s gifts. Thank you.

  4. Cintia Costa says:

    eba! ói eu aqui de novo! e oferecendo uma contribuição: vc estaria interessada em uma tradutora? gostaria de transcrever seus textos p Português 🙂

    • thowling says:

      Oi, querida! Se voce quiser traduzir os textos, pode sim. Quando comecei a escrever, pensei em escrever em portugues tambem, mas faltou tempo. E como meus alunos e clients moram aqui, acabei deixando a traducao pra la…
      Minha mae recentemente conseguiu assessar essa pagina e acho que o Explorer oferece traducao, mas nunca eh a mesma coisa. Posso criar uma area chamada posts em portugues; como se diz posts? Artigos? Textos?
      Obrigada por visitar! Beijos.

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