Divine Reflections

As I sat down to work in front of a computer screen this morning, something caught my attention at the corner of my eye. I turned my head and looked outside through the window. It had stopped raining, and the sun was again shining. My eyes were then drawn to blinking lights on the trees in front of that window. Those lights were the result of sunrays reflecting on raindrops left on leaves. As a gentle breeze passed, the leaves would move and make the sunlight reflecting on them look like stars blinking. It was so beautiful! They were somehow spreading light through the whole area.

At that moment, I felt the divine. I felt connected. I may have been feeling way too inspired by an incredible weekend shared with some amazing people, who like me, are getting ready to help others through the art of yoga. I will try to explain how this whole connection took form in my mind…

On a clear night, we look at the sky and see stars blinking. In the wilderness you may able to see fireflies when it gets dark. This morning I saw a daily version of that: Shining raindrops bathing in sun on top of leaves. Now, here is my big stretch (in other words, please bear with me!)… As we acknowledge each other around the world, don’t we all have our shining moments here and there? Can you see this connection? We are all stars blinking and having moments when we shine and when we don’t. And it’s all good. The biggest challenge is: Once the light is not shining, do you give up or get up and strive to shine again? Not just for the sake of shining, but simply by being your best for the highest good of yourself and everybody else.

Maybe you think I went too far with this association, but it makes sense in my heart. And while my tears rolled down my cheeks, I remembered an amazing weekend, which meant to me a lot of purification – we did a lot of yoga, meditation, and read sacred texts about connecting to the Divine. I feel very fortunate to be part of this journey, and no matter where it takes me. I am already profoundly touched by the effects of our first weekend of this 200-hour-training, in which I saw blossoming for all the trainees, including myself.


It is funny that I had this post ready, but ended up forgetting about it among other blogposts. Later, while reading a book by Deepak Chopra, I found a few sentences related to the feeling described above, and I thought it would make sense to post them here. The book is called “Fire in the Heart”, and contains really interesting material, but for the purpose of connecting to my paragraphs above, I will limit myself to a few sentences, where he writes about our souls and how joyful and directly connected to the divine they are. He writes:

“I have come to know other ways to catch a glimpse of the soul. Whenever the world around me tingles with life, I am really seeing a bit of my soul. When a stranger catches my eye and I see a glimmer of joy, I am really seeing a bit of my soul. When the light sparkles off the ocean like jewels or the air brushes over my skin like a caress, I am seeing a bit of my soul.“

I then concluded I had gotten a glimpse of my soul by noticing those wet leaves and a special profound brightness to them. Deepak wrote, “You just got the faintest glimpse of what is real. The soul’s light is as ever-present as the sun. There is only really one soul, which each person has a piece of, and yet it is enough to light up the world.”

I wish you, dear reader, a bright sunny day inside your heart – today and tomorrow.


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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4 Responses to Divine Reflections

  1. Csilla says:

    Thanks, Thereza. It is uplifting to know that others – my friends – are inspired. Each person’s special inspired moments add to the light of the world. I wish you more and more of those special moments through your training!

  2. Lindo Thereza! Até me arrepiei.Já me senti assim ao ver uma imagem semelhante. è realmente divino.

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