Six months ago, my friend L. and I decided to water and feed a little seed we had planted a few years before. We had talked about taking our children on a humanitarian trip, but never really sat down to make it happen. Well, this year, certain circumstances in both our families convinced us it was time to do it. So, we engaged in this expedition to Kenya, where we will help locals build a school there.

I will confess that, at first, I wasn’t expecting much feedback from other people about it, but somehow I knew in my heart it would all work out at the end. But, to my surprise, as soon as I put the word out about this volunteering trip, my family and I started to be showered with blessings from our community – in the form of money, donated items, and love.

Two months after hearing about my trip, a friend of mine threw a party at her house asking for donations for us – it was a big hit! And, for months after, many friends kept sending us donations – bags and bags filled mostly with books, crayons, and educational toys. Two weeks ago, I had to call a friend, who had put a beautiful poster at her son’s school to collect donations, so she would take out the sign from the school because we ran out of room! That’s right! No more room in our luggage – I couldn’t believe it. How wonderful!

So, a week ago, this same friend came to my workplace, asked for my car keys, parked her car next to mine and filled up my trunk with final donations from the school. How thoughtful is that! And so many other friends, who stopped by my house to drop off donations or simply said a few words of encouragement to us. And that’s how my luggage filled up!

I feel so blessed by all the help gotten with a project I’d never thought would take such dimension! Love has been poured in our hearts from each one of you, my friends. And we will make sure those people in Kenya, who we are going to visit, will also feel this shower of love. We are taking all the good vibes sent to us from you on this trip.

We are very excited to bring some love and light to these people, who I heard usually think they have been forgotten or simply ignored by the rest of the world. Thank you for helping us with this project!


About thowling

Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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