Diving Back Into Ease…

After a very hectic week, which was filled with troublesome happenings and a few relieving moments spent with good friends and family to keep sanity going, the weekend came and finally things started to settle down. Saturday was still busy, but at least a good busy. Then Sunday came and I was finally able to relax fully, and so was my family; I could tell.

Some days during this past week were pretty tough, with different problems popping here and there! Among many things, life has decided it was time to show me big lessons on parenting by rubbing in my face issues that happened to me in the past, like when my mother tried to warn me of some forthcoming danger, to which I would not pay attention (as a teenager, probably because she told me to!) and then boom! I would fall for it and time would again and again show me she was right… Well, now I am on the other side: I am the parent trying to warn a teenager. And boy! Is it hard to watch them fall despite our warnings! I compare it to a mother bird watching her little babies trying to fly for the first time, and thinking, “should I fly below their level to try to catch them or just let them experience a fall so they will do better next time? Or will they break something and not be able to try to fly again for weeks or even months?” Yup! That’s how I’ve been feeling for the past seven days. And as I dragged this throughout my whole week, dust finally settled on Sunday, and I was able to relax fully.

On Sunday afternoon, I went to my usual yoga class and as soon as I stepped on my mat, I let go of everything I had been carrying on my shoulders! Oh! What a relief! And then clarity hit me! First, I started looking at people around me while in a pose (upside down or sideways), and I noticed a lot of them were struggling to give more than a 100% of their effort to perform the poses, and some others (fewer than the others mentioned) were just flowing, without putting too much effort. I thought at that moment, “this is a life thing: ups and downs, moments of hardships and moments of ease, struggle and flow…” And right there I decided to go easy, to flow with ease from that moment on. At least during that yoga class! It immediately became much more enjoyable to me, and poses just happened instead of being forced to happen. The class not only helped me release most of my stress physically but also took my mind completely off of all the troubles that had been clouding my mind this week. No matter how far the current has taken me, a yoga class always brings me back to shore, so I can restart and decide if the waves will toss me away from my route or not.

I hope everyone will have a great week ahead and may we all find ways to somehow push our reset buttons when nothing else is working. I wish a week full of peace, love and light to all of us!



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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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6 Responses to Diving Back Into Ease…

  1. andrea says:

    That’s so true! Hope everything will flow easily for you. We all have those moments that we feel so hopeless, our kids will not listen to us (maybe like we did in our past), but they know we will be there for them. They know they can count on us and that will give strength to them to recuperate from any fall they had!
    Have a wonderful week! Peace and love for you!:-)

    • thowling says:

      Thanks, Andrea! Parenting is not easy; and all we want is just the best for our kids. It is like trying to have fun at a rollercoaster – some moments are scary, some others are pretty cool… and we keep riding it! Much love to you. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Isabelle says:

    Beautiful and powerful post Thereza. Oh dear God, how hard it is to let our little ones fall down, and get their heart broken or their feeling hurts. Yet, our role is to be there for them and realize that even if we went through this and survived it, know that they will too, their problem is unique to them, and of the upmost importance.

    Going with the flow, letting go … A life long practice … But it feels good, for sure. Glad you experienced it 🙂

  3. thowling says:

    Isabelle, I know you have experienced this many times already! Not easy at all, but the show does not stop. And we keep moving forward. May strength and peace be on our side! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. jordanaayer says:

    Thanks for providing me with some thinking time 🙂

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