International Women’s Day is not just today

Happy March 8th to all women I know and also the ones I don’t know! You are such an inspiration, each one of you with your own story. But please don’t limit yourself to celebrate being a woman just today. You deserve to celebrate at least a little bit every day!  The same applies to mothers. They should be celebrated every day. My mother is one who has told me this a long time ago. A mother’s work is powerful; they will think or worry about their children every day – some of them just for a minute, some of them for a whole 24 hours! And how I admire all those women juggling many things at the same time: care for their children (if they have any), careers, relationships, personal life, health issues, etc.! Congratulations to all women – today and every day!

I want to write a bit about my mom, who has always been a huge example for me, a wonderful role model, not perfect, just very human. Besides all difficulties we both faced while I was growing up, she managed to raise me well, with the help from her parents. And even though there were times when I wished she could be more present in my life (as she had to keep up with three jobs to bring enough money home, being divorced and living with her only child – me – and her two retired parents), I knew she was around me, my heart could feel her. Now, as a mom, I know how mothers worry about their child(ren) at least once a day, but probably really a couple hundred times.

Yesterday, as I was trying to finish my conversation with my mom, I realized we have been doing this funny thing for a while: We connect through Skype (I live a bit far from her currently, even different hemispheres) and when it is time to hang up, it is an endless process! Do you know when you have someone you like to talk to so much that you have a hard time finishing the conversation? It happens with newly declared boyfriend/girlfriend or teenage friends, who keep saying extra things and long goodbyes. Every time I try to end it, I remember something I still wanted to say and the same thing happens on her side. So any 5min conversation ends up taking longer.

I feel so honored to still be close to her after all we went through. She represents a lot to me. I love her very much. And all we went through together, all those hardships and also the good moments got us to the point where we are today. I feel grateful for having her in my life. She is a great human being, with a big heart and bringing vitality wherever she goes. Very passionate, she can fight for a cause until she gets it. That determination taught me a lot. She fought so much for a decent life for us, and despite all sayings against it, she managed to do it. I wouldn’t say an overachiever, but definitely a fierce yet peaceful warrior. She is still unstoppable. If she finds out about something, especially injustice against someone, she will go after that, and she will sweat to fight for that person. And don’t doubt her, she will get it.

My mother has been a role model to me and others, and I wanted to send an extra big (virtual) hug to her today with this message. And to all other women in the world, who happen to read this, congratulations for being an amazing person! Have a blessed day – today and always!


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One Response to International Women’s Day is not just today

  1. Acho que valeu a pena todo meu sacrifício durante longos anos, pelos meus pais e pela minha filha, pois se hoje ,esta meninona, é uma grande mulher, mãe , dona de casa e guerreira ,vejo que servi como espelho , transmitindo o que aprendi com meus pais. Lembro do carinho e da dedicação destes avós por ela, ensinando o amor ao próximo e a lutar na batalha para vencer na vida . Me emocionei ao ler este artigo, mas dela só poderia esperar este escrito maravilhoso e verdadeiro. Ela merece toda a Paz deste mundo ao lado do marido e das filhas, que formam uma família feliz com muito sucesso . Obrigada Therezoca !

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