The Bicycle and The Mind

There is a saying by Osho that goes like this: “Mind cannot be still. It needs continuous thinking, worrying. The mind functions like a bicycle; if you go on pedaling it, it continues. The moment you stop the pedaling, you are going to fall down. Mind is a two-wheeled vehicle just like a bicycle, and your thinking is a constant pedaling. Even sometimes if you are a little bit silent you immediately start worrying, “Why am I silent?” Anything will do to create worrying, thinking, because mind can exist only in one way — in running, always running after something or running from something, but always running. In the running is the mind. The moment you stop, the mind disappears”.

I thought it was pretty interesting that, on the other day, a friend of mine heard this at the end of a yoga class and interpreted it according to the way he thinks. And so he came to me and said, “Today I heard a quote about Osho, and he said our minds are like bicycles. So, we can’t stop thinking, because if we do, the bicycles will fall.” I smiled. That’s all I could do at that moment. And it was enough.

Here is what this quote sounded to my ears while this friend mentioned it to me: This quote refers to the fact that our minds are like bicycles, they keep running with our thoughts, which are like pedals moving it pretty much all the time. Yes, if we stop thinking or, in other words pedaling, the bicycle will fall, but that is not a bad thing. We need to cultivate inner peace, and little by little thoughts will be able to settle down, and one day they will finally stop – not forever, but enough to give you a taste of the bliss that is a thought-less state.

Do you think I am stretching this quote a bit too far here? Well, I researched and found the rest of it. See for yourself what Osho meant with this: “Right now you are identified with the mind. You think you are it. From there comes the fear. If you are identified with the mind, naturally if mind stops you are finished, you are no more. And you don’t know anything beyond mind. The reality is you are not mind, you are something beyond mind; hence it is absolutely necessary that the mind stops so that for the first time you can know that you are not mind, because you are still there. Mind is gone, you are still there…and with greater joy, greater glory, greater light, greater consciousness, greater being. Mind was pretending, and you had fallen into the trap.”

A couple of months ago, while talking to another friend through the internet, she sent me a quote, as I was telling her how I sometimes try to help people be more conscious, more awake. The author is R. Buckminster Fuller, who said, “There are three kinds of people in the world, those who are asleep, those who are stirring, and those who are awake. If you try to wake up the sleeping person he will just mumble and go back to sleep. If you wake up the stirring person he will wake up just long enough to curse you and then go back to sleep. Instead of trying to wake them up, if you come across someone who is asleep or stirring what you should do is, fluff their pillow, tuck them in, and kiss them on the forehead. The important joy for those who are awake is to seek each other out, connect with others who are awake, talk, sing and celebrate together. This will create a groundswell of awareness. As this groundswell increases and spreads out, it will awaken the stirring and will begin to stir those who are still sleeping.” I agree with it, and yet it is so hard for me to stop myself from trying to wake up friends of mine…

This case of the quote relating the bicycle to the mind is an example. My friend heard what he wanted to hear. I heard it my way. There is no right or wrong if you consider our relative truths, which are completely different. After accepting I cannot change that fact, all I can do is show him my own interpretation, and leave it for his subconscious to digest these ideas. I will send this friend of mine a link to this blog post. Maybe he will read it and realize I have a different point of view from his, maybe he will ignore it, or maybe he will get stirred by it (Well, I can at least hope, right?).


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