Reiki in the Family

The first energy-related healing modality I have been introduced to is called Reiki. Once I called a friend who lived far away to talk about a problem I was going through. He said he would send me some healing from a distance, as he thought this problem was not a simple obstacle to overcome, but a bigger challenge in disguise, which would bring me forward on my life’s path. And so, he did. I felt so great that day, I couldn’t believe it. I asked him what was it about, and he explained Reiki to me a bit.

After that, I was so intrigued by it; I started to look for a course to learn to do it myself. My first goal was to be able to help my mom, who was suffering with poor blood circulation on her legs. The first course, at least one taught by a Reiki Master recommended by someone I knew, was only going to happen four months later… I was anxious, but decided to wait. It is funny how it happens only when you are ready for it. Many other Reiki practitioners agree with that. I read all I could about it, and felt pretty ready when finally the time arrived for the course to happen.

Reiki level I brought me more than I could ever imagine. As I thought I was working to help heal others, something started to stir inside of me. Past wounds, worries, old beliefs, fears, all started to dissipate in some kind of mist that was getting lifted up by a bright light; a light I had never seen before that cleared the way into better living, into a better me. This was a total bonus, as I only expected to be able to help family members heal after the course. But in fact, what the universe had in store for me was a completely different goal. I felt this new veil over me, starting to change everything; for the better even though it might not have been obvious at that time; simply for the highest good.

As things flowed through time (three years, actually), I ended up taking the Reiki Masters course. Now I was able to attune people to this energy healing modality. I decided to attune my daughters, having asked for their consent first, of course. It is also necessary that we go through an age-appropriate explanation with the children receiving it, because they will definitely feel the new vibration as they are usually so much more open than adults to energy and new experiences. Plus, it is good they become aware of new doors opening up for them in a totally different way.

A couple of weeks after having attuned my daughters for Reiki I with the intent to get them introduced to this healing method and to all its benefits, I invited my youngest one (ten years old at the time) to exchange some Reiki with me before bedtime one day. We played with the energy by staying next to each other, my hands on top of hers, and she started to describe it. She said there were small green balls floating from my hands to hers, and vice versa. They would bounce a lot, and finally merge together. Relaxation was immense for me while doing this. After five minutes, I decided to kiss her goodnight and told her to continue relaxing in that vast space where no worry could enter. She fell asleep right after. I am grateful for sharing that with my kids. I actually am thinking about teaching Reiki to some children I know would benefit a lot from being able to relax this much. Actually, wouldn’t we all benefit from that? But kids are a big part of our planet’s future and deserve to learn this for their highest good. I guess I will put that offer out into the universe and see how it unfolds.

On another day, my mother visited us, and when Hanna saw me giving Reiki to her grandmother, she asked to join me as a healer (more than one person can give treatment to a client at the same time). While treating grandma, Hanna reported seeing, at first, a purple light around her grandmother’s body; then as her hands warmed up, a green river started flowing through grandma’s body. Hanna doesn’t know, but green represents healing. At that time, I felt a big relief, as if I was sure things were moving on and lots of healing were happening to my mom, wherever in her body it was needed. Tears came to Hanna’s eyes until she couldn’t help it but cry; getting emotional and finally taking her hands off of grandma’s belly. If you know a bit about Reiki, you probably know that the practitioner also receives it while applying it to someone. That’s probably what Hanna felt: some healing, maybe emotional, happening inside her, too. Plus the feelings of helping her grandmother feel better! It is priceless, not because of the ego, but because it is full of love and gratitude. So much love for the other individual, asking for nothing in return. It is plain beautiful.


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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4 Responses to Reiki in the Family

  1. Edgar Danmer says:

    When I first gave my long distance Reiki level attunement, I questioned even myself if a long distance Reiki attunement would work. But when the student shared that they felt like someone was drawing symbols upon them, my doubt soon fizzled away. I love Reiki because it is so accessible, powerful and yet simple. So I like hearing your story of sharing Reiki with family.

    • thowling says:

      Thank you for sharing that, Edgar. My mother lives far away from me and she never ceases to delight on the way Reiki approaches her when I send it all the way from here.

  2. kario says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous, Thereza! I love knowing that you and your daughter have this connection and look forward to hearing more about it as you travel farther down this path.

    • thowling says:

      Thanks, Kari, I am glad you enjoyed it. I will happily share more about this wonderful technique that heals in so many levels I probably can’t even cover them all!

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