Ninety Days Challenge

Can you picture yourself taking ninety yoga classes in a ninety-day period? I couldn’t imagine myself either, until now. Now that I have completed it, it seems so achievable! I could compare it to one long yoga class: Sometimes when you get to the studio, your energy level is not very high and you stop to think about those ninety minutes ahead flowing through poses; you hesitate, but decide to continue anyway, since you are already there. Then, little by little, pose by pose, minute by minute, one thing leads to another and all of a sudden you realize class is almost done! And oh! You feel so much better than when you came in. It is the same with the ninety days. In the beginning, I wasn’t able to even see the goal, which seemed so far away, like a mountain in the middle of a fog in the distance. But then, little by little, day by day, one class at a time, you get closer to that big mountain, which seems still so intimidating.

Among a few bumps here and there, the first thirty days bring you to a clear path where you can see the mountain and start to believe you can really do this. By then you feel healthier, more confident and getting stronger. You begin to convince yourself some of those awesome poses are not that scary anymore, and you start to try them. Your food choices seem to change also. After all, you have been taking such good care of your body with those backbends and twists that you don’t want to fill yourself with junk and throw your effort out the window. And as much as your body asks for a healthy way of living, your soul craves for some spiritual growth – lessons become clear, you just need to be ready to learn them.

Next is the completion of sixty days. At this point you are so used to doing yoga every day that it has become a habit. You just need it like brushing your teeth or going to sleep, for instance. You feel stronger and totally capable of reaching the top of that mountain, which you have started climbing by now. There are a few days when you still need to sit down and catch your breath, just like in life there are ups and downs, but in this case there is never a thought of giving up once you have come this far.

A couple more weeks pass by and it feels like seeing the finish line on a race: there is no stopping you! It’s the home stretch, and the top of the mountain looks closer and sweeter than ever. By now you have changed your preferences and dislikes for poses, and it’s all good! Those challenging poses, once thought unachievable, are on their way to being mastered; besides they don’t scare you anymore! Actually nothing can really scare you, you feel prepared for anything that comes up your way. You are strong, you are determined; you are capable of more than you think. So, why worry? Why fear? Why hesitate? Just set your mind to it (whatever it might be), and go for it! The world is full of possibilities; your day is full of options. Every decision, every little step matters, and the universe will conspire to help you grow.  On the last week, a small setback: a little injury reminded me humbleness is an important ingredient. But, once again on this journey, my friends were there to support me, and they will if you are able to open your heart to them. Your passion will help you attract what you need to achieve your goals. Just trust.

And just like a ninety-minute-class, you go through a few struggles – mental or physical – and pass by some ups and downs until you realize the end of that class is only a few minutes away. This ninety days journey takes you through challenges – inward and outward – and teaches you about yourself and the world. Then you realize you are coming to the completion of it. And what a sweet ending it is! This culmination is absolutely not the end of our journeys, just a sweet chunk of it, which will be forever remembered and used as a motivator whenever we encounter new challenges in our lives.

I would like to acknowledge a few people who were important during this challenge: my friends and yoga buddies for supporting me all the way, the teachers, who added spices to my plate with all their boundless creativity (none of those ninety classes were the same! How could I ever get bored?), and my family, who was able to keep the routine going while I was out taking classes. And if you are thinking about asking me if I would do it all over again in the future, there is no doubt! I would also invite you to join me next time, and benefit from it as much as I did. Namaste!


About thowling

Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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4 Responses to Ninety Days Challenge

  1. Shelley says:

    Congratulations – what a magnificent accomplishment!!

  2. cristinabalan2011 says:

    So impressing! The great power of perseverance.. way to go, Thereza!

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