Awakening – part II

On the other day I heard a short story on the radio (not a regular station) that caught my attention; it went like this:”A father was sitting on the couch reading a book. His child, who had been playing next to him for a while, turns to him and asks, ’Dad, when you are asleep, can you wake up?’ , and the father answered with a yes. Then, the child turns to him again, and this time asks,’ Dad, how about when you are awake, can you wake up?’ Now the father is not so sure what to answer…

So, how can you wake up while you are already awake? By being conscious! Being aware of the present moment, maybe even aware of what is inside you, and what your real gifts are to the world. That is quite an accomplishment! It all begins by just developing awareness in the present, little by little, a few seconds at a time. That will help you increase consciousness and deepen it. If we pay a visit to this discovery at least once a day, our life will change for the better for sure.

To be fully conscious, just engage in a practice called presencing, where you observe the present moment. It is when you get to be the watcher, but not as a referee in a game; it is a non-judging watcher, like a camera that could film your movements, without ever making a comment about how you could have done something differently.

One of my teachers, Jack Blackburn, compares presencing to a “ship’s compass on a stormy sea”. Isn’t this metaphor beautiful? He explains, “no matter how much the ship may be tossed and turned, the compass always indicates the ships direction”. As we bring our awareness to the present moment, we will immediately reconnect to our inner self, which is always tranquil and full of wisdom. Therefore, any external factors surrounding us will have their effect minimized by this mindful practice, and we will be able to see beyond premature conclusions/judgments, or any ideas and thoughts that start to pull our minds in different directions.

During your day, you will probably remember presencing and practicing it; so, every time this thought pops up in your mind, just do it. No need to judge yourself for all those moments when you didn’t practice presencing, what matters is the now; go ahead and do it, wherever you are: in a bus, subway, ferry, walking, sitting, teaching, reading, etc. Just bring your awareness to the moment, and feel your connection with your own self deepening when you do this. Practicing it will lead you to many rewards, although that is not the point of doing it, when we should just focus on the practice, not the goal. So, pretty soon, you will be able to listen to your heart, follow your inner guidance, broaden your self-discoveries, and exponentially increase possibilities for your life.

Now, guess why it matters. Because more people will bring joy and healing to their lives, plus live a mindful living; therefore improving quality of life for themselves and the ones around them. And that would lead to be a better life on our planet in general!


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One Response to Awakening – part II

  1. kario says:

    I love that story. I forget a lot, but whenever I am reminded to “wake up” it is worth it. Thanks for sharing!

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