Awakening – part I

What does awakening mean? And why does it matter?

Everyone has a path in front of them leading first to awakening and later (or maybe sooner than one thinks!) to enlightenment. It’s rare to reach both of them during just one lifetime, so let’s focus on the awakening part for now.

You get to choose your own path in life, independent of the direction where awakening actually happens. One day you finally get it! Some people need a huge situation to awaken, such as a life-threatening disease or a big accident. Then they will start paying attention to all there is in and around them to be enjoyed. Some others will awaken all of a sudden and decide to finally step in that special path leading deep inward.
Awakening is when you realize there is so much inside you that you don’t depend on external circumstances to be healed, to feel joy, to want to spread this joy and this unconditional love that is always inside you waiting for you to reclaim it. Inside you there is all that is. Huh? You will find vastness when searching deep inside you, your soul, your heart, your silence, your sounds, your colors, your darkness, etc. The richness inside you is way bigger than the one you notice outside!
There are lots of books about awakening. I believe many people that have been through it just get so excited about it they want to help everybody else awaken too! You can read as much as you want, but if you’re not ready for it, the words won’t do it for you. Then we go back to that blog post “someone you care for”, and the writer should step back and just hope more people will get it!

People start to ask themselves, “what am I here for?”, “what is my purpose in life?”, etc. That leads to a deep investigation inside you, and there is so much to discover! It’s never too early or too late to awaken. It will happen at the right time, and if you are at least intrigued by that, you can start digging. How? Well, you could start a spiritual practice that has nothing to do with religion. You can continue going to your worship place, the one you are used to, no problem. But at home, in the woods, in your backyard, in a calm place, you should take some time to sit down with yourself; silence will help get the inner dialogue going, and your Higher Self has so much to tell you, actually infinite wisdom! So just sit, relax, and listen to what comes from within – being it sounds, colors, taste, smells, etc. Sit quietly every day, even if only for a little while (yes, I know you have a busy life… We all do.), just so you get comfortable with it. And once the dialogue starts, you will want to hear more and more, as it will bring you fulfillment, peace, joy, and so much more!

(To be continued)


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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4 Responses to Awakening – part I

  1. Jacki says:

    What powerful words… delivered with such kindness!

  2. Mary T says:

    Thank you for sharing that!

    I want only to add that no matter the how the what we intend will come about. This means that the individual seeking their awakening has already begun pulling that force of energy toward themselves. If they aren’t quite sure yet about a stillness practice as you mentioned… any sort of seeking will be rewarded.
    Those who are seeking and those who are awakened and still on their paths will always benefit from this one, for me, very fundamental practice; observing. This is something that takes some effort but is incredibly fruitful. Perhaps you can write more on this in another blog entry.
    Remembering the observant nature, the witnessing capacity that we all have allows us to step back from ego, from judgement, and just BE with all that is. Cultivating this mindfulness, this awareness of the flow of things within and outside of ourselves can be in itself one aspect of that stillness practice… It fine tunes the energy in a way that lifts us and helps us to expand further. Plus, it’s pretty intuitive so one can pick up on it fairly easily. It just takes remembering… if something comes up, step back and watch it.

    • thowling says:

      Mary, I have been posting about presencing, observing, non-judging, being open to possibilities, etc. I can try to write more about it in the future. Meanwhile, I wrote a small meditation here under “NAture Walk”, directed to beginners, so it is very descriptive and carefully directs people to relaxation, even if they have never tried it before. You can use it in your meditation circles, if you want to. I still haven’t put any of the ones I wrote into an audio, but I will.
      Thanks for your feedback, Mary and Jacki!

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