Starting Your Day

Here is a secret! If you start your day with no expectations, just willing to handle whatever comes your way as best as you can, it is going to be a great day.

                There is a sentence I like to say everyday, if I can remember, either to myself or after a prayer. I say, “I wonder what the universe is going to bring me today!”.  Actually I don’t just say it, I feel it, too. If I just repeat it like a memorized poem or prayer, it does not have the same effect. You gotta feel it, and be willing to embrace some opportunities the universe will sent your way throughout your day.

                It’s not always that I remember to be open for that, as I have a little routine to go through after waking up, and that does not include the sentence I mentioned. Usually the thought of how my day is going to shape up comes when I am sitting in front of my to-do list; then a bell rings, and I think about what else is in store for me, besides all those tasks on the to-do list. And, quite magically, when I feel open to whatever comes and announce it to the universe, it brings some good surprises during my day. Like today, for instance. It was raining, but I decided to take the dog for a walk anyway. As I was walking, I started to think about my to-do list and I remembered to become open to situations my day would present me with. Then, out of nowhere, came a lady I had never seen before and started talking to me with such nice words. She said she sees me all the time walking my dog, and how kind I am for picking up after the dog. I told her it was the least I could do; and she continued with more praises for us both. I felt blessed, and also grateful.

                I guess being open for everything coming your way not only helps you embrace new situations, but also keeps you aware enough to pay attention to quick interactions with people (friends or strangers), little signs like small flowers here and there that will brighten up your day, new places you get to visit, or even new ways of seeing an old place or even people you’ve known for a long time. Maybe you have a meeting today at the office you work at. Try not to think it will be the same old boring meeting, where nothing gets done, and people are just judging others to put themselves ahead like in a competition. Maybe you ask the universe to bring you something different from that experience today, or maybe you just feel in your heart you are ready to see something greater during that meeting, and the universe will know. Who knows? It could turn out to be a productive one, or the day when that co-worker, who likes to highlight mistakes from other people, will realize he also makes mistakes, and finally learn a lesson from it.

This is not about daydreaming during your day, wondering where else you could be, or if you will run into that person you miss so much. Sure, you can daydream, but this is about observing what comes your way, and turning those into valuable experiences. If no surprises come to you, at least you will learn something in your day should be done differently tomorrow, and that will generate a new response. Just try it.


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6 Responses to Starting Your Day

  1. My favorite saying: ‘For every upset is an unmet expectation’. I have found that if I am upset by something, I need to reexamine my expectations. If I have the grace to change them, then I am no longer upset and can accept and move forward.

  2. Andrea says:

    I really like reading your daily posts!It helps me to start my day with a better attitude!

  3. Jacki says:

    I like your perspective. It’s quite refreshing to hear you talk about dealing with what comes (or could come) our way. You’ve helped me to feel a little lighter today.

  4. cvegvari says:

    Well said. Treat each day and each experience as a miracle, and your life will become a continuous list of miracles. I just heard this from a friend and your post reminded me of this. Thanks.

  5. Mara Cristina says:

    It´s true, when you do not expect anything, the best things happen in your life. I did it another day and I found a beatiful Cafe and I have the best Breakfast I´ve had.

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