Acting vs. Reacting

Sometimes (or maybe even many times) during your day, you ask yourself, “How can I be more patient with those around me?” or “How can I deal with this awful situation in a better way?”. The answer is act consciously instead of reacting.

Let’s say someone in a party spills some soda on your clothes. Are you going to get so mad you will fight with the person? Where is this going to lead you? How is this going to help you solve the problem? It won’t! It will just make the problem bigger!

Of course the person should say he/she is sorry after what happened, and maybe they will offer some help, but don’t count on that. You can solve the problem by yourself, especially if you don’t let anger, frustration, or another negative feeling dominate you. When the feeling shows up, you observe it, but don’t react based on it. Take a deep breath, and just let go. Oxygenate your brain cells so they will help you get to a better decision. Maybe you put on the scarf around your neck and cover the stain on your shirt, or the host of the party might find you another shirt. But if you had just stormed out of the party, madly huffing and puffing, you would miss an opportunity to learn to have better control of your emotions, and handle undesired situations so they will have a better outcome for you.

If you play soccer or football, it is similar. When you have the possession of the ball during a game, and you need to pass it to someone under pressure, you just pass the ball to that player who is next to you. But if you took the time to stop, breath, look around, you could find someone better positioned to pass the ball to.

Think about it.


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Peace, love and light! Thereza Howling.
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2 Responses to Acting vs. Reacting

  1. Lovely words of wisdom… and very applicable!!

  2. thowling says:

    Thanks, Bev! Like I said before, I am trying to avoid fancy words or out-of-this-world examples, so everyone can relate to what is written and hopefully understand it better.

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