Nature Walk

( previous post mentioned a nature walk. But let’s say it is pouring outside and you decide it is not a good day for a walk in nature. Fine. Stay inside, and find a way to relax. You could sing, dance, or snuggle with a pillow, all those ideas you have already heard of. But what if you listen to a guided meditation that actually leads you through a walk in nature? Maybe it won’t feel the same the first couple times you try it, but after some practice, you should be able to start visualizing.

If you would like to try it, I am posting a short guided meditation below, just so you get the feeling of it. Of course, if you are reading it, you won’t have your eyes closed, but after reading this text  a couple of times, you can just close your eyes and guide your own mind through my descriptions, still fresh in your mind. I will eventually post it (hopefully) through an audio file. For now, you have a text to guide you, and a picture donated by my good friend and color expert Beverly (click here to check out her blog and more amazing pictures: Enjoy!

Find a comfortable place where you can sit or lie down on. Take a deep breath in, close your eyes, then exhale slowly. Take a moment to notice any tension in your body, and try to release it with your next exhale. You are now starting to visualize a trail that leads you into the woods. Maybe it is a trail you are used to, maybe not. Either way, today you are going to “observe” everything there is, not just with your eyes, but with your nose, ears, and feet. The first thing you notice is a big tree, which, despite the season, looks gorgeous every time you look at it. Its branches look pretty strong, it has so many leaves, and the green it shows is so beautiful. What a healthy tree! And how happy it looks here in the woods, surrounded by other trees and bushes. You decide to walk towards it, even though you will have to step out of the trail for that.

When your feet touch the grass, you feel its coolness refreshing your toes and the soles of your feet. Immediately you feel a deep connection to the earth below you. It reminds you that the earth sustains all those bushes and trees, and even yourself and the other human beings and animals. Your feet feel happy and reenergized, and you feel thankful for all the earth provides.

You pass a little bush and get closer. That’s when you notice this small purple flower. How pretty! You observe raindrops on its petals, and the connection between them. The petals seem to be shining with the drops on them, and the drops seem happy to have found a place to just sit on. You bend down a little bit to get closer and smell this pretty flower. Ah!!! Its essence is so pure, what a reenergizing aroma!

If you were in a hurry, you probably wouldn’t have noticed this purple flower, but today you are taking your time to observe everything. You decide to sit leaning onto that big tree you first saw, and from there you can still see the flower, the bushes, and the grass. They seem to be in harmony; if you listen very closely, you will hear a melody played by the wind (no matter how weak or strong it is) that brings together plants, water (in the form of rain, pond, stream or a river), and the earth. These four elements have a beautiful connection, and life just blossoms with it. It is a beautiful flow.

If you pay attention to your heart, you will hear its beat, and it actually seems to follow that melody. There is also your breath flowing with it. You feel part of that melody! What an honor! You are actually participating in that beautiful show happening right in front of your eyes by just being alive. You feel peaceful and reenergized. You thank nature for helping you get in sync with the flow of life. Thankfulness is yet another positive feeling coming to you right now; give yourself to this moment, and enjoy it.

You feel it is time to go back to where you came from. Start to bring your awareness back to your body, feel your toes, wiggle them. Move your fingers. Take a deep breath in, open your eyes slowly, and exhale. You feel ready for your day now, this was a great nature walk, very reenergizing and rewarding!


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